3 Tips To Improve Your Access Control System


Keeping your commercial property secure starts with control over the individuals who enter and exit the space. Many companies rely on access control systems tied to commercial alarms to provide them with the protection they are seeking.

These access control systems monitor when and where authorized badges are used to gain entry, allowing you to restrict movement within your building and monitor the movement of employees throughout the day. Improve your access control system by keeping the following tips in mind.

1. Check and replace the back-up batteries.

Many companies overlook the fact that access control systems are equipped with back-up battery power. In the event that there is a power outage throughout your commercial space, the back-up battery in each identification scanner panel will allow the system to remain secure.

Without a functional back-up battery, all of the doors within your commercial space could become unlocked. Ask your access control system's manufacturer for recommended replacement schedules to keep your back-up batteries in working condition.

2. Perform regular software updates.

Access control systems connect to your computer using customized software. This software program allows you to generate reports and pull up information on identification badges used in certain areas. You can program specific doors through the software program to allow only certain employees to access restricted areas.

Companies often forget that the software program powering their access control system needs to be updated regularly. As technology advances, new features and protections are added by access control manufacturers. Updating your software will ensure that your commercial space enjoys the highest level of security possible when it comes to your access control system.

3. Back-up the data collected from your access control system.

As identification badges are scanned and employees are awarded authorization to enter restricted areas, this information is logged in your access control system's software program. It's essential that you take the time to backup the data collected from your access control system on a regular basis.

A power surge or outage could cause the access control system to reset. If you haven't completed a valid backup of your data, you might be forced to manually re-enter all of your employee identification codes and authorizations. This is a tedious process that can be avoided by scheduling regular backups of your access control system data to a secure server.

An access control system can provide your company with the security needed to protect your commercial space. Keep your system running smoothly by replacing back-up batteries, updating your software program, and backing up all data to a secure server. Contact a company, like Videotec Corporation, for more help.


3 July 2018

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