Protecting Your Home With A Residential Fire Suppression System


While nobody likes to think about having a fire in their home, taking the time to consider areas that can reduce the risks around the house is important. If a fire does break out, controlling it quickly is important and fire suppression systems have been used in commercial buildings for many years to do just that. Using these same types of systems in residential properties is growing in popularity and can offer peace of mind for you and your family.

Protection Of New Homes

If you are building a new home, installing a fire suppression system is much easier. Sprinkler heads, separate plumbing for the system, and sensors can all be installed as the framing is being completed. The walls are open and accessible to the entire house makes the installers job much easier. If you have already closed up the walls then decide to add the sprinkler system, it can still be installed but will take longer and will likely cost more in the end.

Installing A Suppression System In An Existing Home

If you decide to have a fire suppression system installed in your home, opening up a few walls and running additional plumbing through the walls may be necessary. The installation crew will put the system in but you might have some other repairs to do after they are done. If a wall has to be opened for access it will need to be repaired along with any other areas that required access. Talk with the company doing the work before it starts to get an idea of what will need to be dealt with after the system is completed. Most companies will try not to do any damage to the home but you should be prepared for the possibility that there could be complications that require it.

Homeowners Insurance and Fire Suppression Systems

Saving money on your homeowner's insurance is one of the benefits of installing a sprinkler or fire suppression system in your home. Along with the sprinklers, a monitored fire alarm system can also save you money. These monitored systems are on alert 24 hours a day and if the system is activated, the fire department is dispatched to your home. The time it can save getting firefighters on the scene of a fire can make a big difference in the outcome of the fire. If you have a suppression system as well, the sprinklers will keep the fire from spreading too quickly and make it easier for the firefighters to get in and get the fire controlled. While these systems can cause some water damage, the resulting damage is easier and cheaper to repair than rebuilding an entire house so most insurance companies would rather deal with that then the cost of replacing the entire building.

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1 February 2018

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