Home Safe Installation Tips


You consider installing a home safe? This is a great decision! After all, you don't have to wear a burden concerning your most precious goods as long as you keep them safe. You just put them in a secret place, somewhere where you and only you know and have access to, and it's done. A safe is the perfect secret place to harbor your values without worrying that someone might find them and steal them. Here are a few steps that will help you understand the process.

How to install home safes into the floor

The easiest safes that you can install in your house are into your walls or floor and are called fixed safes. The fixed safes are fitted to the floor or wall with some plastic plugs. You might also use extensive bolts that can also tighten and thus they are safer. The first step are the drills in your wall or floor. Use the electric drill and then put the safe with its bolts over the drilled holes and then tighten them with a spanner.

How to install underfloor safes

The first step you have to take is checking if your floor is made of concrete or if the safe will be placed under the boards. If the floor is made of concrete, dig a big hole to fit your safe. After you put the safe into the hole, cover it with concrete.

How to install wall safes

After digging a hole into the wall, you simply fit the safe into it. Still, you ought to know that wall safes are not as secure as the other two types.

Get a specialist to install your home safe

You have an idea on how you should install a safe into your home, but an expert will do it for you in no time, twice as safe and more professional. The spot will look just like before digging the hole. Plus, you can ask him details no how you could prevent a burglar from discovering your hideout and what would be the best type of safe to install.

Make Sure Your Security Is Complete

It's important to say that home security isn't complete with just a safe. If you are storing valuables in your home, there is value in getting home surveillance systems and updating your complete locking system as well. These are the first lines of defense, and a safe should be a last-ditch security effort.

Remember to ask your safe professional what type of safe best suits your needs, as there are several that have different sizes and locks: security cable safe, the floorboard safe, the free standing safe, etc. With all that in mind, your values are protected from burglar or any natural disaster that might occur.


26 January 2018

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