Choosing A High-Rise Apartment: Four Safety Features To Look For


High-rise apartment buildings can offer great views and even luxury amenities. However, you'll want to make sure that any apartment building you choose has the proper safety features, to help you feel comfortable and safe in your new home. Here are a few things to look for when you are touring high-rise apartment buildings.

Fire Alarm And Sprinkler Systems

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems can help prevent injuries when and if a fire does break out in the building. Look at the ceiling for integrated sprinklers, and keep an eye out for fire alarm pull stations in the hallways and corridors. If you don't see either of these things, ask the landlord or real estate agent which types of fire suppression equipment the building has. You may want to decide against renting in a building that doesn't have adequate equipment for fire prevention and suppression.

Emergency Exits

Typically, apartments in high-rise buildings will only have one entrance, which means you'll only have one way out of your apartment in the event of a fire or other disaster. Emergency exits, including easily accessible stairwells, will be critical for exiting the building safely. Ask to tour the exit stairwells, and check the doors on each floor to make sure they are unlocked. There should be nothing blocking the doors or stairs, and each stairwell should feature easy-to-see signage. If possible, ask to rent an apartment that is close to an emergency exit, so you can make a fast getaway, if needed.

First Aid And Defibrillator Stations

It can sometimes take first responders longer to find a person experiencing a medical emergency in a large high-rise building. Having first aid kits and defibrillator stations in the hallways can make it easy for residents to get emergency care while waiting for an ambulance. These stations may be situated next to fire alarms in the hallway, or there may be one kit in the front lobby of the building. Look for this safety equipment in each building you look at, and ask if the landlord would be willing to install them, if they are not already in place.

Hydrant And Hose Access

Depending on how the building is situated, having access to hydrants for firefighters can be difficult. High-rise buildings can be equipped with internal hose and water systems to help firefighters. Look around the outside of the building to see how close the nearest hydrant is, and look for hose systems installed in the hallway walls. These systems may be installed in conjunction with fire alarms so that all emergency fire equipment is situated in the same place. Even if you don't see hoses, there should be fire extinguishers mounted to the walls at regular intervals.

Staying safe and secure is an important component of finding a great apartment. In addition to checking out floor plans and amenities, look for these safety features whenever you look for a high-rise apartment.

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24 January 2018

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