The Pros And Cons To Using A Wired Home Security System


Everyone knows there is nothing like being too careful when it comes to security for you or your property. Luckily, due to advanced technology, there are several amazing options you can use to ensure that your house is fully secure at all times. The biggest decision is to decide whether or not you want to have a wired security system or a wireless system. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with each kind. This guide goes over the pros and cons that come with a wired security system so you can make an informed decision to which kind of system will be best for you.


  • Property Size

One of the biggest advantages of using a wired security system is that they are ideal for a big property. Wireless systems work using sensors and they don't span as well over such large spaces. Depending on the type, you can even run the wires from one building to the next. This is a great benefit if you have several buildings that need security.

  • Reliability

A wired system is a lot more reliable than a wireless security system. They generally stay online more than the wireless ones. It usually takes a damaged wire or power loss to completely knock out the system. Wireless systems can drop if they lose a signal for many more reasons.


  • Cost

Due to the way that it is installed, a wired system typically costs a lot more than a wireless system. The wires are placed inside the walls, so the manual labor costs are higher. The larger the property, the more expensive it might be. You can call and get a quote from security companies based on the square footage of your property.

  • Vulnerability

Since it is wired, the security system may be fairly easy for trespassers to shut down. All they need to do is damage a wire in the security system. This can cause your entire system to fail and leave you vulnerable. The system can also be damaged by accidents, harsh weather, or anything else that may damage the lines. Unfortunately, once the lines are damaged, it may be awhile before they can be repaired, which leaves you unprotected.


There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a security system, such as the size of the property and which one would work best for the layout of the property. You can consult with a security company and see which one they would suggest for you.

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19 January 2018

Choosing Better Security Software

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