Managing Efficient And Scalable Home Security Automation


Home technology keeps getting easier to use and more robust. Smart home automation is an entire industry dedicated to automatically changing settings and allowing programmable settings for air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, and home security systems. If you're interested in a new home security system or want to bring a bigger set of useful features to an existing system, here are a few ways that smart home automation can help.

Accessing Video Footage From Home

Many surveillance systems can record information to modern storage options such as SD (secure digital) cards or USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives. This allows owners to copy or transfer their information easier instead of relying on internal storage and a limited set of connection ports.

You can also connect or network your surveillance systems to your home computer. Some cameras can be connected to the computer directly or on a splitter that shares a connection with the computer and the surveillance recording deck, while some security systems will connect the recording deck to the computer.

No matter which way you connect your camera systems, you can access your surveillance systems with a few home automation changes. Remote access is one feature that allows you to access your home network, which will give you access to the files on your computer--including surveillance systems. Another option would be a direct connection to the surveillance system.

Be sure to shop specifically for surveillance systems that include a home automation feature. It's easier to use a security system that allows mobile device or other remote access options natively (without changes) as opposed to setting up a group of programs and network permissions to get access.

Arming, Disarming, And Monitoring Alert Systems

In addition to security cameras, your house alarm and motion sensors can be managed remotely. This is helpful for households on vacation who either need to arm a security system after forgetting to turn security on before the trip, or to turn of security if you want someone to visit the home while you're gone.

Remote access for sensors is another option best left for built-in support. Connecting a security camera to a computer is easy because of the way that the modern video camera industry works well with computers, but sensors are still a bit obscure in tech at large and limited to security systems. This means fewer commercial and hobbyist programs to help you make the connection.

Alert management is handled through a secure app that connects to a listening app at your home. In addition to allowing remote control, you can set up alerts to arrive on your phone's app, in the text message/SMS message inbox, or in your email inbox.

Contact a smart home automation professional to discuss other ways to make your security system more flexible and robust.


19 January 2018

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