Places To Use Long-Range Security Cameras Around Your Workplace


If you run a business, security cameras are a must. When you're selecting different models of cameras, you'll often come across those that have a relatively short range. This is not detrimental, however, because such models are highly adept at capturing details such as peoples' faces. You should also endeavor to specifically buy some long-range security cameras, too. Many manufacturers make long-range cameras that are ideal for commercial usage. These cameras commonly offer night vision, zooming capabilities, and other functionality that can make them an asset to your organization. Here are three places that you'll want to use long-range security cameras.

In Warehouses

If you have a warehouse or another large building, conventional security cameras may be useful at the entrances, but you'll also want to set up some long-range cameras. A warehouse may be several hundred feet in length, which means that unless you plan to mount standard security cameras in many locations, you won't have the entire premises covered. A better move is to place as many long-range security cameras as you need. One camera mounted at each end of the building, for example, can show most of what goes on inside the warehouse.

In Parking Lots

Large companies often have large parking lots to accommodate their sizable staffs. Security cameras are a must in your parking lot, and it's best to go with long-range models to avoid you having to mount cameras on every couple light posts. Long-range cameras are ideal in this application because of their ability to zoom. Whether it's watching employees leave at the end of the workday and ensuring that they get to their vehicles safely, or zooming in to check the identify of someone who has broken in an employee's vehicle, your security staff will be able to perform these tasks with long-range cameras.

Off Your Property

You don't need to strictly focus on your own property when you're looking for places to set up your long-range security cameras. Experienced criminals may look to disable any visible exterior security cameras in advance to breaking into your building, but they won't likely spot one of your cameras if it's off your property. Depending on your relationship with neighboring businesses, you may be able to work out an agreement to have a long-range security camera mounted on a different business but trained on your location. The footage can be highly valuable if your other cameras are disabled.

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18 January 2018

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