Enhancing Home Security With Modern Surveillance Tools


The home security industry has changed a lot in recent years. Like many other industries enhanced by the faster speeds and efficient miniaturization of computers, everything from network-enabled sensors to surveillance systems with easy video saving features have changed the way many homes approach security. Here are a few security system features and enhancements to keep in mind as you look through hardware options.

Security Cameras In The Age Of HD

High definition (HD) is the new norm. Finding something lower than the lowest HD resolution of 720p is a waste of time, since even if you could find something cheaper than the cheapest 720p security cameras on the market, the quality is still so bad that you may not be able to capture vital details about an intruder or other events.

4K is the current highest quality on the consumer market, with 8K on the horizon with very few practical uses as of 2018. The higher the resolution, the more details you'll be able to see in the video. At the same time, a higher quality means bigger recorded files, so you'll need bigger storage.

Some camera systems include internal storage or a recorder box that can hold a certain amount of video data. For the most customized approach, make sure that any camera system includes an SD (Secure Digital) card slot and a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, as both options will give you a wealth of ways to add more storage. 

Home Automation For Security Systems

One weak point in home security is that you don't have much control over what happens when you leave for the day. Whether it's just going to work or going on an extended vacation, your security situation is pretty much hidden from you until you return.

Home automation allows multiple monitoring features, such as alerts and even remote access to arm or disarm security features. If you want to do a bit of technical work, you can even connect a home computer to the security camera system, and use a remote access program to view the recorded files on your home computer.

Remote access is relatively simple to set up, but can be a security risk if someone else gains access to your computer. Be sure to ask a security professional before connecting any security systems to computers or other systems not part of the original security suite.

Contact a security surveillance and home automation professional like Streamline Media Systems to discuss other options for keeping your home safe.


17 January 2018

Choosing Better Security Software

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